HCDC Officer Elections

March 6, 2023 | Uncategorized

On Monday, March 13 HCDC will be holding elections to fill the Vice-Chair positions for – Operations and Fundraising, Communications, Outreach, Precinct Ops and Assistant Secretary. These positions are currently held by the Acting Chairs;

  • Julie Laskaris (Operations and Fundraising)
  • Noel Oakes (Communications) 
  • Russell Swartz (Outreach)
  • Anne Hayes (Precinct Ops)

All of the current Acting Chairs intend to run for these positions.

All candidates for the HCDC Executive Committee shall file a Declaration of Candidacy for election to office by March 9th, 2023. Filings for Executive Committee must be submitted electronically to AlsĂșin Creighton-Preis at alsuinpreis@gmail.com by 11.59 pm on March 9th, 2023. Only those candidates properly prefiled may have their names on the ballot at the election meeting. No nominations will be accepted in any other fashion.

If only one eligible properly prefiled individual files for each position, those individuals shall be declared the winners and the election shall be canceled.

You can follow this link to a see a brief overview in our by-laws of the role of the positions of the Vice-Chairs. We will be following up with a separate email with the rules and procedures for the election along with a more detailed description of the responsibilities and expectations for each officer position. This has already been an incredibly challenging and busy year for Henrico Dems and it will only continue to get busier. We will need a really strong and committed Executive Committee that works together as a team and is willing to put in the time that will be required to help get our Democrats over the line in November.

We will need a quorum to conduct these elections so please plan to attend either in-person or on Zoom.

See you on Monday!