September Meeting Recap

We are very pleased to announce that a quorum was met at the September meeting, allowing the Committee to consider and approve a highly anticipated bylaws change that establishes Executive Committee representation for the Henrico Democratic Black Caucus and HCDC Student Caucus and that provides a detailed framework for the formation and continued eligibility of additional caucuses. 

The current Executive Committee and Black Caucus have been working together since February to construct the proposed bylaws language and to bring it to the Committee for a vote.  Thank you to all our members who attended either in person or via Zoom and participated in the democratic process of debate – we are fortunate to have so many passionate voices!  

Another highlight of the September meeting was our special guest, Minority Leader of the House of Delegates, Del. Don Scott. What an amazing and charismatic speaker!  He got us energized for the 2022 election season and beyond, focusing on what’s at stake in 2023. 

Lucy Hartman, Herb Jones’ campaign manager, gave us an update on canvassing, signs, postcards, and more, and fired us up to flip CD1!  Click here to see all volunteer opportunities. 

Our Vice Chair for Communications issued an invitation to all HCDC members to join the Communications Committee in formation.  As was mentioned throughout the meeting, the 2023 election season will be much more complex than 2022, and the Communications Committee will help ensure that diverse voices are represented and will share the workload of representing HCDC across multiple channels.  If you are interested in serving on the Communications Committee, email

Mark your calendars for our next meeting on October 10 and stay tuned for details!